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Don’t be duped by doomsayers, JPMorgan says — the S&P will rebound to 4,900. Here are 3 stocks it’s using to bet on a bounce



‘Sounds cooler in English’: South Korean president’s unnecessary mixing of languages annoys citizens

Yoon has been heard using English terms on several occasions, even when the events did not call for a mixing of languages. In a meeting on June 10 with the leaders of the ruling People Power Party, Yoon brought up a name change for Yongsan Park, a newly opened former Korea base for the U.S. Forces. While suggesting a new name, the president said, “When you say ‘National Memorial Park’ in English, it sounds cool, but when you say ‘Gukrip Chumo Gongwon,’” referring to the Korean equivalent of the name, “it doesn’t, so I don’t know what to call it in our country’s language.”

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