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Robert Kiyosaki says that hot inflation will ‘wipe out 50% of the US population’ — here’s what he means by that and how to protect yourself


The New York Times

The Quest to Beat High Gas Prices

“I SOLD MY GIRLFRIENDS CAR CAUSE GAS PRICES ARE HIGH,” reads the caption on the video Justice Alexander posted online this spring. In the clip, Alexander, a content creator in Los Angeles, sits atop a horse and declares that he will now travel on horseback. The video, which has been viewed nearly 10 million times so far on TikTok, struck a nerve. While Alexander later said that it was a stunt — an Instagram follower lent him the horse and his household still drives — the sight of him in stirrups

Mark Cuban says that crypto is ‘going through the lull’ that the early internet saw — here are 3 simple ways cash in on a big bounce

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